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Career at Indian Olympiad School

A career in teaching involves planning lessons for various age groups and providing instruction in the classroom, hence a teacher need a combination of hard and soft skills. Indian Olympiad School keenly observe the following Skills while selecting our teacher…

1. Critical Thinking : With strong critical thinking skills, teachers are able to consider the best interests of the students while also working within their institution’s goals and standards. Teachers of primary and secondary schools must also remain aware of parents’ expectations for learning and discipline and ensure that the classroom is a safe and nurturing environment.

2. Patience : Teachers should be patient and help maintain a balance between their own expectations and the students’ unique abilities.

3. Communication : Teachers communicate in a variety of ways, including verbal, written and body language. Strong verbal communication means that teachers make their lesson material and expectations clear. They will present concepts in a way that students can understand.

4. Imaginative Thinking : Depending on the students’ age level, teachers may use imagination in a variety of ways. Teachers of younger students might learn to incorporate singing or creative arts into their classroom to stimulate learning.

5. Leadership : Teachers need leadership skills inside and outside of the classroom. Modeling behavior for students can be key to developing a dedication to learning and general responsibility in life.

6. Teamwork : Similar to leadership, teamwork helps teachers interact kindly and effectively with other school personnel. In certain situations, teachers with strong teamwork abilities can accept input from others, even if they have differing opinions.

7. Conflict Resolution : Part of a teacher’s responsibilities includes being able to manage disagreements in a classroom. Teachers of younger children might encounter conflicts over sharing resources like books, games or toys. In post-secondary classrooms, students may have conflicts over more personal matters like relationships. A teacher with well-developed conflict resolution abilities will display patience and active listening to consider each viewpoint and come to a compromise

Recruitment Procedure We follow :

Step 1 : We publish a recruitment advertisement in News Paper and School Website.

Step 2 : As the desired candidates submit their CV / Resume / Testimonial we thoroughly go through them and our recruitment team selects the candidates for a Live Class Demo.

Step 3 : Administrative staff calls the candidate and let them know the date of Demonstration.

Step 4 : As the demonstration delivered, the recruitment team again go through the remarks and other details invoked by demonstration team.

Step 5 : If the candidate successfully passes the demonstration then Panel of Directors and recruitment team perform an interview with the candidate.

Step 6 : If the candidate successfully complete the interview then he / she is allotted a appointment letter.

Note : for recruitment / career at Indian Olympiad School you can read the news paper or schools website, and directly send the CV / Resume to schools Email ID ( or you can personally visit the school admin branch (61/1, Ranala Bhilgaon Raod, Bhilgaon, Nagpur 440026) or can call (9923647869).

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